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Vacation/Departure Guide

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Vacation/Departure Guide Empty Vacation/Departure Guide

Post  Alphares Sat Jul 14, 2012 8:24 am

What is the departure's section?
Easily explained, a please for people that want to go on vacation or leave the forum. Here you can add a thread to inform other users that you're not available for a specific amount of time. If you plan to leave the forum completely you should also consider to add a thread in here for others. By this we can keep track of our userbase and organize roleplays that you left behind.

What is necessary in a vacation/departure thread?
  1. vacation
    - Add the date of your vacation in your thread title
    - if you want to, you can also add info how to contact you if needed in the thread itself
  2. departure
    - add if you want to get your account deleted or not
    - if you leave threads behind that need maintenance please try to find another user to maintain your thread or add in the departure thread that you want your threads deleted (also add a [DELETE] tag in your thread title)
    - state the new users that maintain your threads in the departure thread. This makes it easier for us to pick the right permissions for said users.
    - maybe add a reason why you leave. It's enough to say "personal issues" or "problem with this and that" just, please, no bashing/flaming

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